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[We've been crying out for years for presence- and motion-detection 
capabilities at traffic lights to be upgraded, and some sensible 
decision-processes or rules to be implemented using that data.

[I guess if it gets the label 'IoT', who cares?!]

IoT pedestrian crossings coming to Queensland
Government pours $3 million into rollout.
Justin Hendry
Mar 15 2019

The days of the pedestrian crossing dash could soon be a thing of the 
past for Queenslanders, with the state government set to introduce new 
smart technology at key intersections.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey on Friday announced $3 
million for the rollout of the technology to up to 300 crossings over 
the next two years.

It follows successful trials of the technology at Logan, the Gold Coast 
and Bundaberg, which Bailey said had “demonstrated market [marked?] 
improvements in traffic efficiency and pedestrian safety”.

He said that unlike traditional crossings, the smart crossings will “use 
sensors to detect pedestrian movement and adjust the amount of time 
required to cross”.

“This means pedestrians can cross safely without having to rush, and for 
motorists it means less waiting when there are fewer pedestrians using 
the crossing,” Bailey said.

“Importantly, these smart pedestrian crossing detectors can also hold 
left or right-turn red arrow signals, to protect pedestrians from 
turning vehicles.

[Will it also reflect drivers' interests, I wonder, by avoiding 
semi-permanent blockages of the road by continuous streams of people 
sauntering across, eyes on handhelds.]

The rollout, which is funded through the Camera Detected Offence 
Program, is expected to kick off later this year.

Locations are to be prioritised according to pedestrian volumes and 
traffic density, crossing length, and crossings near hospitals or those 
used by pedestrians with a disability.

Last year 35 pedestrians were killed across Queensland, with a further 
228 hospitalised between January and September 2018.

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