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On 5/09/2019 1:27 PM, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Being practical, and in regards to the original point of this thread, (that being, universities chasing multicultural enrolments), to be fair, it appears that universities must invest a greater share of enrolment fees into resources specifically catering for the most basic multicultural student need. That main need most often being translation services.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the budgeting and 
costings/fees for int'l students. Given that as I understand it 
university budgets are built on a combination of govt funding (annually? 
prospective? enrolments????) that is based on ????? (the HECS 
charges/loans????) as domestic students and that int'l students are 
"full fee paying up front", how are those even determined?

There would be a common overhead alloted to both domestic and int'l, 
with those costs being accounted to the gov for domestics and the full 
fee portion to the int'l, then an amount per subject class (medicine 
with high lab costs versus an English lit analysis with lower costs) and 
the number of classes being taken per term or per year. And then there 
is the 'research' budget that would be a combination of external grants 
and what?

So going back to the cost of educating an int'l student - how does that 
get charged if the student is fluent in English rather than one who is 
not? Or one who is fluent in English for one subject area but not 
another? Every service costs something. Charging and apportioning are 
two different aspects of the same function per student. Funds take to 
establish a translation service and a cultural adaptation service has to 
come at the expense of some other equally value program.

Does anyone have a clue how this works? I knew how it did in the US 
because I had to create annual budgets, with established accounting 
charges per student type and alloted enrolment numbers (domestic, out of 
state, part-time/full-time, support programs, etc.). But I never had the 
"privilege" of the arcane art here.


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