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David dlochrin at key.net.au
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On 5/09/2019 3:24 pm, JLWhitaker wrote:

> So going back to the cost of educating an int'l student - how does that get charged if the student is fluent in English rather than one who is not?

The UTS English Language entry requirements are spelled out at https://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/international/study-abroad-and-exchange-students/entry-requirements-and-costs and they are as follows:

o   An English language proficiency level in accordance with the UTS English language requirements, if English is not your first language. You are required to submit results from an English language test or program to satisfy the UTS English language proficiency requirement for the course you are applying. English language proficiency test scores are recognised by UTS provided they were obtained less than two years prior to application at UTS.

o   If you come from Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland, a mark of 75% or better in final High School English is considered equivalent.

o   Students from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland are also eligible to apply to UTS with a UTS English Language Proficiency Assessment (PDF, 166kB).

o   If you do not meet the English language requirements for Study Abroad or Exchange, you may apply for our Australian Language and Culture Studies Program, which requires an English language proficiency level of IELTS 5.0 and above or equivalent.

Marking for submissions by software-engineering Project Teams included an assessment for good, clear, unambiguous English usage, and students who felt they were not proficient were advised to have their contributions edited appropriately.

This is the way to do it in my view.  Apart from the importance of reliable communication in their subsequent professional lives, students without good English (at an Australian university) cannot be taught properly and can make difficulties for their peers in some circumstances.

A personal Babel Fish isn't the answer IMHO.

David L.

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