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On 23/12/20 11:40 am, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On 23/12/20 9:23 am, jwhit at internode.on.net wrote:
>>     We had a similar confusion in Melbourne when they tried the LGA
>> restriction approach. No one knew where the boundaries were, even
>> people who lived there. They know their own postcode, but that's it.
> I live in Surrey Hills, VIC and to say it's confusing here would be an
> understatement. Our postcode 3127 covers two suburbs (Surrey Hills and
> Mont Albert). Our suburb is covered by two federal electorates, (Kooyong
> and Chisholm), two state electorates (Burwood and Box Hill) and two
> councils (Boroondara and Whitehorse).
> All four boundaries (postcode/council/state/federal) are different.

But federalism is a great thing  (:-)}

Seriously, it would have needed some thinking by ACT (and other govts)
if they were actually interested in clear communications to the public.

My guess is that a list of rim-suburbs, inside and outside, would have
been the most useful for the public (but a bit lengthy).

And postcodes would have had the second-highest comprehension-level, but
not particularly good.

LGA boundaries are known only to people who work for LGAs and those who
live adjacent to them.

But   ...  irrespective of the choice, a decent proportion of the
population could have navigated their way around one or more maps.

Using https://mangomap.com/robertyoung/maps/93143/NSW-LGAs#
it requires only 4 maps to include the rim-location-names.

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