[LINK] New device puts music in your head — no headphones required

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Sun Nov 15 11:04:47 AEDT 2020

 Good luck to the psychiatrists and patients saying they are hearing
voices. This is like the reception of radio signals in tooth fillings,
without the fillings.

 The point about participating in a conference call is a bit sus. The
participant would still be talking. This is no different from someone
on a call and the rest of the open office getting only one side of the
Sometimes you gotta wonder what people are thinking when they make
these things.....
HOWEVER - if this would work for people with hearing impairments, it
could be a huge breakthrough.

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 How long before advertisers at the mall use this to beam sound into
the heads of passers-by?


 > LONDON (AP) — Imagine a world where you move around in your own
personal sound bubble. You listen to your favorite tunes, play 
 > loud computer games, watch a movie or get navigation directions in
your car — all without disturbing those around you.
 > That’s the possibility presented by “sound beaming,” a new
futuristic audio technology from Noveto Systems, an Israeli company.
 > Friday it will debut a desktop device that beams sound directly to
a listener without the need for headphones.

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