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Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at outlook.com
Mon Aug 2 10:42:01 AEST 2021

David sensibly writes,

>“How would such a policy be legally introduced?  It would have to be approved in a constitutional referendum at the >very least .. Would every country between Australia and the Chinese mainland feel reassured by a Chinese nuclear >presence to their north ~and~ south?  My guess is that limitation of the global nuclear arsenal would soon be >jettisoned .. Sudden shocks to the fragile geo-political order are the last thing we need because they often >precipitate war, especially in times of natural global crisis ...  I think all nations should all take tiny, non-frightening, >steps toward global political, economic, climate, and biosphere stability until the planet comes back from the brink”

Many good points, very sensibly made David. Thank you!.

One should concede that volunteering any gifting of any part of Australia to anyone would never be an easy-sell 😊

But one main point I believe is that many of we Aussies feel that China is making plans to invade, and it well be true?

And of course, I don’t really know what’s true .. but apparently, many of we Australians are inclined to agree ..

(News item: July 9th 2021, The Guardian)  <https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/09/australians-fear-attack-from-china-almost-as-much-as-taiwanese-do-survey-finds>

(Quote) “More than four in 10 Australians are worried China may attack Australia, according to new polling, expressing a level of fear that is nearly as high as among Taiwan’s population.. The Australia Institute, a progressive thinktank that commissioned polling in both Australia and Taiwan, said the findings are “astounding” ...

“When the 603 people polled in Australia were asked whether they thought China would launch an armed attack on Australia, 6% said “soon” and 36% said “some time” – totalling 42%. When a similar question was asked of the 606 respondents in Taiwan – whether they thought China would launch an armed attack on Taiwan – 4% said soon and 47% said some time – or a total of 51% of the sample.  The proportion of the respondents who said “never” was 24% among Australians and 14% among Taiwanese, with the rest saying they were unsure or did not know. (End Quote)

Given such an apparent level of concern here, then maybe we should be discussing Aussie options if China invades?

And, offering China just such a compromise deal would perhaps be a sensible and mostly honourable pathway? We could never really hope to win any war against China. So now, maybe we should be actively considering alternatives?

Much better than, as at present, keeping silent about this whole issue, and simply pretending it will never happen?

If we talk about Australia’s possible options ahead of time, maybe we can find solutions before our war-mongers do?

Thanks again David .. you make many good points. I for one certainly enjoyed reading your post.

Now mate, do you or anyone have any good ideas for our options, if anyone is indeed planning an invasion?


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