[LINK] The Doherty Model

Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at outlook.com
Fri Aug 27 18:34:38 AEST 2021

Bernard writes,

> IMHO the Doherty model is only slightly better than informed guesswork.
> The whole problem is highly non-linear and full of uncertainties. Regards
> brd

Yes to both statements. And what we need now is leadership.

And, one sure way forward for us is clever, innovative applied science.

Right now one main need is leadership pushing, a clever and concerted vaccine
effort .. not just as recipients, but as vaccine creators. We do have our very own
Astra Zeneca factory. Then let’s give our scientists emergency-freedom to develop
whatever Covid takes. Allow them to be risky. Without too many legal etc barriers.

Heck, I’d willingly takes whatever AZ folk dream up. I have twice already. And, even
if it killed me, eventually it won’t. And enough Aussies will do that till we get it right.

Let’s fight this bastard little life form with our best defence. Brains. Scientific trial
and error. Second best today. And let us at whatever even just may work. I would
take one for the ol Covid vrs Aussie team. And so would lots of us Aussie old farts.

Why not? Good war-time leadership & some brave science. Give our 60,000 cases
every day a choice of trying something that maybe risky, but might help them and
everyone else? Good leaders should try every way possible to lessen all the deaths.

Give our whole range of scientists a free reign to be socially responsible creatively

Desperate times will indeed be calling for desperate measures

yeah-na .. let’s not just all give in to this little Covid bastard 😊

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