[LINK] The Doherty Model

Jan Whitaker jwhit at internode.on.net
Mon Aug 30 10:15:40 AEST 2021

Fair enough. This report is interpreted like the blind men and the 
elephant, or to put in more modern terminology: from the personal agenda 
of the person reading it.

The cherry picking is rife by all sides. Morrison is doing it. Gladys is 
doing it. Albo and others in Labor are doing it. As Mike Bowers said on 
Sunday on Insiders about the Premiers: We all signed up to the plan ... 
and will do what we want to because we can. Or something similar. There 
are lots of unfinished sentences being said with fingers and toes 
crossed behind backs to cover up the misleading nature of what is being 

Doherty likely did what they were asked to do by the Morrison 
Government. Other modellers have done things without the request because 
they are researchers and do this as their work. They are pointing out 
problems with this model in the real world and for making policy. They 
are doing it politely and less likely with an agenda other than public 

Now Josh is threatening withholding money if the Premiers don't do what 
they are told to do **by the Morrison Government's interpretation of 
Doherty**. Sorry but that's just going to piss people off as their 
businesses continue to collapse, the sick leave usage blows out due to 
continued covid sickness and infection, and families lose their 'low 
interest rates' new houses. How they manage to hold an election in this 
climate just shows how 'not smart' they are. Changing the narrative 
won't help because the lived experience will come through in trumps. (no 
pun intended; it's a card game reference)


On 30/08/2021 9:14 am, Brendan wrote:
>> https://medium.com/@matt_11659/australian-public-fed-nonsense-as-country-heads-to-irreversible-decision-99350b80125c 
>> Australian public fed nonsense as country heads to “irreversible” 
>> decision.
> This article is criticised in detail here:
> https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1431456669901328384.html

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