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I don't understand why people think this bill is a good idea in any way at all.  It's an extortionate tax for google and facebook 
and a free government handout to prop up our foreign-owned commercial media oligopoly.

I don't like google and facebook as much as the next guy, but why don't we just make them pay tax properly?  And for god's sake let 
Murdoch media and nine media pay proper tax and die like the dinosaurs they are.

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> I have never been able to understand why the ABC thought putting their programs and audience feedback on Facebook or Twitter was a good idea.  Do they not understand Facebook's business model?  Does the ABC consider sacrificing audience privacy in return for a free service is acceptable?  Or have these corporations "guaranteed" privacy?
> When will some Australian Government legislate a privacy code with appropriate penalties and apply them?
> Malcolm Turnbull was interviewed on ABC TV recently (on 7:30 I think).  He appeared to me to be running an argument that Facebook's actions were a disaster for Australia, Facebook (et al) were too big to fight, and therefore the Australian Government should:
> (a)	not interfere and allow them to continue making free use of other's labour,
> (b)	institute some form of broader tax and distribute the proceeds as compensation to the originators.
> I have to say I'm extremely disappointed to hear that logic from Turnbull, assuming I interpret him correctly.  It would appear to sanction all manner of business dealings on the basis that Might is Right.
> If Zuckerberg thinks he doesn't need Australian media input, let Facebook do without.  And if he does, Facebook should pay for it.
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