[Nauty] Isomorphism of Set System

umcheng at shaw.ca umcheng at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 3 01:49:02 EST 2003

Dear all,

I am doing research about Isomorphism of Set System. I want to call Nauty to test if their associated graphs are isomporphism. 

Let X be the set of integers { 1, 2, ..., x } and let B = { B1,B2,..., Bn } be a collection of subsets of X. Suppose (X, B) is a set system.

an associated graph G=(V,E) constructed according to the following rules: 

 The vertices are V union B. 
 {x,B) is contained in E if and only if x is contained in B
 No element of B is adjacent to another element of B. 
 No element of V is adjacent to another element of V; 

does anybody know how to generate a graph from a set system using Nauty?

Thank you in advance.


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