[Nauty] Re: New nauty version limited release

Sterten at aol.com Sterten at aol.com
Sat Oct 30 03:49:01 EST 2004

there was no  direct link for downloading this time, so I went  to
and noticed the copyright and using  restrictions which I didn't very much 
notice  before.

nauty  is subject to the following usage restrictions:
Copyright (1994-2004) Brendan  McKay. All rights reserved. Educational 
organizations may use this product for  purposes of research. All other use requires 
the permission of the author. Use  for weapons development or other primarily 
military purpose is expressly  forbidden. This software is subject to this 
copyright only, irrespective of any  copyright attached to a larger work of 
which this is a  part.

Absolutely no guarantees or warranties are made concerning  the suitability, 
correctness, or any other aspect of this program. Any use is at  your own 

Now, I'm certainly no  educational organization, so who/how can get 
permission to use it ?
Was this  also valid for the older versions ? Then I might have been using it 
without permission  :-( .  Sorry then, I didn't  know

Does someone know of a similar product without restrictions ? It  doesn't 
so much if it is a bit slower. (factor 10 or such would be  accepted)


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