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Sun Oct 31 00:43:01 EST 2004

>I changed the copyright notice on the web page to match the  one
>in nauty.h.  I don't remember how they got to be  different,
thanks for answering and clarifying (although you cut some questions ;-)  )
 >> Also, when students leave schools/universities, they  will  have
>> apply for a license or discontinue using Nauty  ?
>Yes, if they start to use nauty to make money for a  company.  No, if
>they just want to continue private  research.
they will not know it in advance when they still study and look
for the  software. And once you start to get familar with some
software and invest  time in it then you wouldn't like to 
drop it for another software. So that  could be a serious reason
not choosing nauty in the first place.
 >> Can you tell how  many permissions you have launched  already ?
>That's a commercial secret. But I have sold  licences to companies,
>(all of which money went into my research  fund and none into my
>pocket) and I have also refused permission to  military research
but I guess it's nor normal that students apply for a licence
as soon as  they leave schools ?
 >> "Weapons  developement or other primarily military  purposes" is also
>> inprecise.
>Yes,  but a precise definition is impossible.  They can ask and I  will
>decide.  They also have the option of reimplementing it  from scratch
>(a difficult task), since it is copyrighted but not  patented.  (I am 
>strongly opposed to software patents.)
yes, I had a discussion recently with someone claiming copyright
for  magic cubes which he constructed.
IMO software developers music composers  etc. should be paid by some
global organization. The copyright issue is hard  to control and also
otherwise unsatisfactory.
 >> Most people will (future tense) probably just use nauty to  solve
>> puzzles  in magazines or webpages. But it seems  that you don't want to
>> encourage this,  right  ?
>On the contrary, that would be just great.   The ideas behind the
>licence are
>(a) If someone is  going to make money from my work, they can  support
>    the research that goes into its  development (such as helping
>    my graduate  students to eat).
I thought your university would pay for it
And who tells, that they  won't buy weapons from the money instead ;-)
 >(b) If someone wants to do work I disapprove of, they will get  as
>    little help from me as  possible.
most won't get any help at all. Only very few find the way to e.g. 
this  list, apparantly.
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