[Nauty] database of small graphs (slightly off-topic)

Gunnar Brinkmann Gunnar.Brinkmann at UGent.be
Fri Apr 29 17:53:01 EST 2005

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Jason Grout wrote:

> I've been using geng in my research to generate graphs with various
> properties.  I'd like to make it easier for my advisor to list the
> graphs that have certain properties.  I've already started working on a
> database of small graphs (under 10 vertices or so), generated using
> geng.  The idea is to create a web interface to the database that
> allows querying for graphs with certain properties.  I know some of you
> have listings of graphs with specific properties, but is there some
> publicly accessible database of all small graphs and the various
> properties of each one?  Preferably the database would allow queries
> over the web and would present the results in a format easily usable
> for people without a lot of computer skills.

Dear Jason, already quite some years ago I agreed with people that
"someone should do it" We just didn't agree on who :-)

Gordon Royle has some graph online and Markus Meringer too.



In fact we now have a project in Ghent part of which will also be some
database, but that will still take some time (say 2 years) until
it is available.



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