[Nauty-list] Shortging large files

Brendan McKay bdm at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Jul 28 23:02:31 EST 2008

Looks like you are running into the 2^31 = 2147483648 byte limit
that 32-bit filesystems impose.  To implement -v the records are
expanded a little so it can make 2.0G increase to more than the

However, this is not a complete explanation and I'm not confident
that it explains the error messages.

1.  Are you sure you used "<" ?
2.  Does the error occur soon or after a lot of sorting has been done?

Thanks, Brendan.

* Bulutoglu Dursun A Civ AFIT/ENC <Dursun.Bulutoglu at afit.edu> [080728 22:38]:
> I have a file in the called temp.s6 which takes up 2.0G of disk space.
> I run the below command to shortg it and I get the response below.
> /home/afiten3/fac/dbulutog/nauty24b7/shortg -T/work/srtdump -vu <temp.s6
> >A shortg -vuT/work/srtdump
> >E readg: missing newline
> >E gtools: Illegal seek
> I was wondering how I can shortg a file that takes up more than 2.0G
> of disk space.
> Thanks in advance.
> Dursun.
> PS: I have  more than enough disk space in the srtdump directory where
> the sort utility of linux is being used.
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