[Nauty-list] amtog and digraphs

Eggermont, C.E.J. C.E.J.Eggermont at tue.nl
Sat Aug 15 05:32:38 EST 2009


I'm very new to nauty.
I want to remove isomorphs from a (smallish for now) list of 525 (small) digraphs.
Since shortg only mentions undirected graphs I used
  ./amtog -s list-of-digraphs | ./labelg | sort | uniq 
However I get a lot of warnings that the matrices are unsymmetric (obviously).

To test this it seems something goes wrong since 
running one of graphs of the output through ./showg
gives a undirected (or multi-)graph!?

Is there a good/better way to do this?

Thanks for any assistance,

C.E.J.Eggermont at tue.nl

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