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Susanne Nieß niess at ma.tum.de
Tue Feb 15 19:48:38 EST 2011

Thank you very much, after moving the malloc() calls the code works. You are completely right, I accidently attached the wrong source code, sorry. The problem, however, occurred in both testnau4 and testnau3. On the unix machine where I testet them, both seemed to be in an endless loop until I killed them after 24 hours. I also tried it on a linux machine. The compiler made some warnings and the files it saved are different and both nonsense (no change between before and after moving the malloc) and I am still busy debugging that. When I installed the nauty package on linux, there were several warnings that I did not understand. Do they mean my system is somehow not compatible with nauty? I attach the file nautywarn2.txt with those warnings.

On 02/12/11 02:57 AM, William Rummler wrote:
> I could not reproduce the long running time you mentioned with the
> latest source and input, but I have a feeling that it might have
> something to do with a scanf() that was waiting for input. (On the
> other hand, that is a total guess and might be completely wrong.)
> I did not notice any statements for printing the "testX" output in
> this source file (testnau3.c). Is this the right file (or similar
> enough to the right one)? If I recall correctly, your testnau4.c had
> some print statements for "testX" output.
> I quickly went over this one and found only one major issue, which was
> that the variable l is not initialized before its use in the malloc()
> calls for lab, ptn, and orbits. Those malloc() calls should probably
> be moved to just after the sequence of fscanf() calls for anz, h, and
> l.
> Since you mention that you traced the problem to the nauty() call, I
> think I should ask if you sent the right file(s)?
> - William

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