[Nauty-list] Building 24r2 on MinGW

William Rummler w.a.rummler at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 11:30:45 EST 2012

I recently built nauty on MinGW on Windows 7 64-bit using
configure/make, and seemed to need to make three changes for success.
I just wanted to report them here for the record and for possible
improvement of the build process:

1. I changed HAS_STDIO_UNLOCK from 1 to 0 at nauty.h:24 when I
encountered many undefined reference messages about lock-related
functions during linking with gtools.o.

2. I removed the shortg dependency from the gtools target in makefile.
I realize that it can't be built without pipes, but the rest of the
dependencies can, and being unable to build shortg shouldn't need to
halt the whole build process. Maybe configure could determine (or
already determines, I think actually) whether pipes/wait are available
and could omit the shortg dependency if not.

3. I commented out CPUDEFS at planarity.h:44 because CPUDEFS does not
seem to be getting defined by the preprocessor back in naututil.h,
leading to a cascade of syntax errors during compilation of planarg.


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