[Nauty-list] Building 24r2 on MinGW

Brendan McKay bdm at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 12 00:11:00 EST 2012

* William Rummler <w.a.rummler at gmail.com> [120311 11:31]:
> I recently built nauty on MinGW on Windows 7 64-bit using
> configure/make, and seemed to need to make three changes for success.
> I just wanted to report them here for the record and for possible
> improvement of the build process:

Thanks William, it is very useful.
> 1. I changed HAS_STDIO_UNLOCK from 1 to 0 at nauty.h:24 when I
> encountered many undefined reference messages about lock-related
> functions during linking with gtools.o.

The configure script checks if getc_unlocked() and flockfile()
exist.  If I've done it correctly, HAS_STDIO_UNLOCK should only
be set to 1 if they do. Can you please tell send me the output
of configure, and some examples of the error messages you get?
It feels like a MinGW bug, but I don't have it to test.  If
necessary, a MinGW exception can be made in configure.
> 2. I removed the shortg dependency from the gtools target in makefile.
> I realize that it can't be built without pipes, but the rest of the
> dependencies can, and being unable to build shortg shouldn't need to
> halt the whole build process. Maybe configure could determine (or
> already determines, I think actually) whether pipes/wait are available
> and could omit the shortg dependency if not.

Yes, good idea.  I'll do that.
> 3. I commented out CPUDEFS at planarity.h:44 because CPUDEFS does not
> seem to be getting defined by the preprocessor back in naututil.h,
> leading to a cascade of syntax errors during compilation of planarg.

That's a bug, it should be
  #ifdef CPUDEFS

Cheers, Brendan.

> Thanks,
> William
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