[Nauty] Redirecting Output file in dreadnaut

Adolfo Piperno piperno at di.uniroma1.it
Sat Jul 9 02:32:51 AEST 2016

> Il giorno 08 lug 2016, alle ore 17:52, Semidán Robaina Estévez <tintanjarafe at hotmail.com> ha scritto:
> Dear nauty users,
> I've recently started using Nauty through the dreadnaut interface. Everything works perfect so far, with the exception of redirecting the output file. In fact, when I use the command ">filename" (no quotes) to redirect stdout to a specific file, I find that the file is generated but that it is empty. 
> For instance, in the case of k4, we have the dreadnaut input:
> $=0 n=4 g 0: 1 2 3 1: 2 3 2: 3.$$ x >filename
> Which works well when ">filename" is removed, so the result is printed in the console. I have searched the documentation but have no clue of what may be happening. I installed Nauty in a Windows 7 machine through CygWin. Perhaps anyone of you faced the same issue and knows how to solve it? I very much appreciate your help.
> bestSemidán

Hi Semidan,
   type >filename first. The rest of your session will be written to filename.
- A

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