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 Can I add the attached volunteer assignment to the list?
 Please let me know if you require any further information or clarification.
 Sean Lynch
 Australian Volunteers International
 PO Box 350 (71 Argyle Street)
 Fitzroy VIC 3065
 Ph: +61 3 9279 1832
 Fax: +61 3 9419 4280
 Email: slynch at australianvolunteers.com
 Web: www.australianvolunteers.com
 Australian Volunteers International (AVI) recruits volunteers to share skills and build relationships with people of developing communities. We assist our partner organisations to reduce poverty, promote human rights and gender equality, protect the environment, provide health and education services, and fight HIV/AIDS. 
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  East Timor NGO Forum (FONGTIL) is the umbrella organisation for all NGOs in Timor Leste including local, national and international NGOs. It aims to strengthen the capacity of Timorese people to be independent, to protect and advocate for the best interest of Timorese People, and to strengthen NGOs in Timor Leste. 
  FONGTIL are partnering with the RMIT Globalism Research Centre, Australian Volunteers International (AVI) and a number of civil-society organisations in Timor-Leste to hold a conference in Dili in July 2009.  The conference will explore nation-building across urban and rural Timor-Leste in the 10 years that have passed since the vote for independence.  
  To develop the capacity of FONGTIL staff to deliver research training, manage external relationships, and organise events, FONGTIL is seeking a Research & External Relations Adviser.  The role will be a six-month AVI volunteer assignment, and is scheduled to commence as soon as possible.
  To be considered for this role you will have:
  ·         An undergraduate qualification in communications, international development or other related sector
  ·         Experience in building external relationships and/or conference management
  ·         Tetum or Bahasa language skills
  ·         Training experience
  ·         Basic research experience 
  For further information about the role and how to apply, please contact Sean Lynch on slynch at australianvolunteers.com or +613 9279 1832

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