[TimorLesteStudies] *UNESCO International Leadership Training Programme*

Bu Wilson bu.wilson at anu.edu.au
Wed Feb 3 09:39:03 EST 2010

*UNESCO International Leadership Training Programme*

The UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights at the University
of Connecticut invites applications for the sixth annual International
Leadership Programme: A Global Intergenerational Forum.

The Forum seeks to empower young leaders by involving them in finding
solutions to emerging human rights problems, and nurturing individuals to be
effective leaders in the field of human rights. To this end, the Forum will:

   - Introduce participants to the United Nations Millennium Development
   Goals and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
   - Build a network of solidarity among human rights leaders
   - Expand the knowledge relevant to human rights practice
   - Provide tools and a platform for open debates
   - Provide programmes, activities and processes necessary for human rights
   - Promote the sharing of experiences and understanding
   - Showcase speakers on such topics as: health and human rights,
   education, the environment, the plight of child soldiers, the use of media,
   fundraising, conflict resolution and transformation; litigation and advocacy


Bu V.E. Wilson
Centre for International Governance and Justice
Regulatory Institutions Network
Australian National University
+61 407 087 086

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