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Vannessa Hearman. 2022. Challenges in the pursuit of justice for East Timor’s Great Famine (1977–1979), Third World Quarterly, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/01436597.2022.2108782
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Charles Scheiner. 2022. La maldición de los recursos en Timor-Leste. Estudios de Asia y África, 57(3) (179), pp. 453-476 [Spanish] https://www.jstor.org/stable/27152334 [NB other article in same issue here: https://www.jstor.org/stable/e27152330 ]
Loro Horta. 2022. Timor Leste at 20: progress, challenges and prospects. RSIS Commentaries, 049-22. https://dr.ntu.edu.sg/handle/10356/160859
Sapna Reheem Shaila. 2002. A 'good enough' rule-of-law transfer and adaptation? : a case study of transnational rule-of-law promotion in East Timor. PhD Thesis, King’s College London https://ethos.bl.uk/OrderDetails.do?uin=uk.bl.ethos.859024
Changwei Chen. 2022. Realism in Whitlam’s Foreign Policy, Journal of Australian Studies, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14443058.2022.2107692?journalCode=rjau20
Douglas Kammen. 2022. A Season of Youth in Timor-Leste. Current History 121 (836): 231–236. https://online.ucpress.edu/currenthistory/article-abstract/121/836/231/191406/A-Season-of-Youth-in-Timor-Leste
Ian Bicudo Lippi. 2022. Invasão e ocupação do Timor-Leste pela Indonésia (1975-1999). Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina https://repositorio.ufsc.br/handle/123456789/237494
Costa, D. , Faustino-Eslava, D. and Ancog, R. (2022) Effects of Slash-and-Burn Practices on Soil Quality at Different Landscape Positions in the Raumoco Watershed, Municipality of Lautem, Timor-Leste. Open Journal of Ecology, 12, 483-498. https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=118765
Correia, Vicente & Gomes, Graciano & Carlito, Malicode & Moniz, Agostinho & Silva, Oscar. 2022). Characterization of agricultural productivity factors in the municipalities of Aileu, Ainaro and Covalima, Timor-Leste. International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies. 9. 28-38. https://www.faunajournal.com/archives/2022/vol9issue4/PartA/9-3-5-645.pdf
Mateus Salvador, Ram C. Bhujel, Kshitiz Shrestha, Adriano D. F. DoCarmo & Jharendu Pant. 2022. Fish production and socio-economic benefits of small-scale aquaculture in Timor-Leste after and during project implementation, Journal of Applied Aquaculture https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10454438.2022.2107885
Adade AE, Owusu Ansah K, Dey NEY, Arthur-Holmes F, Duah HO, Pascal A. 2022. Exposure to substance and current substance among school-going adolescents in Timor-Leste. PLOS Glob Public Health 2(8): e0000797. https://journals.plos.org/globalpublichealth/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgph.0000797
Rosemary King, Linda Jones. 2022. Timorese women’s experiences and expectations of skilled birth attendance in Timor-Leste: A qualitative inquiry, Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, Vol 33 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1877575622000672
Gusmao, Celia and Tanesi, Maria Y. et al. 2022. Seroprevalence and Prevention of Hepatitis B, Measles, and Rubella Among Healthcare Workers in Dili, Timor-Leste. The Lancet, https://ssrn.com/abstract=4186798 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4186798
Maulina, R., Qomaruddin, M. B., Kurniawan, A. W., Fernandes, A., & Astuti, E. (2022). Prevalence and predictor stunting, wasting and underweight in Timor Leste children under five years: An analysis of DHS data in 2016. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 13(2). https://www.publichealthinafrica.org/jphia/article/view/2116
Vicente Paulino, V. 2022. Timorização dos timorenses no sistema da educação de Timor-Leste. Perspectiva, 40(1), 1-20. https://periodicos.ufsc.br/index.php/perspectiva/article/view/66240

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