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On 11/01/2007, at 8:02 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> The brain uses an unbelievable amount of our energy (calories/ 
> kilojoules) intake per day.

20% of the bodies energy

> So when we sleep,  the brain and the body are less active, so the  
> brain recharges and body repairs are taking place because we aren't  
> moving as much and we certainly aren't thinking. Does that make sense?

Lots of ideas and theories at <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 

> (waiting for Tony's directive to move this to unlink -- but of  
> course this is probably still the final stages of silly season, so  
> maybe he's not so concerned, but I'd imagine some members are)

An interesting discussion. I got sucked in but I guess we should  
unlink it.

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