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>Arianna Huffington: The Debate Over Online News: It's the Consumer, Stupid
>Arianna Huffington: The discussion about the distribution of content 
>on the web heated up this week when AP announced plans to "launch an 
>industry initiative" designed "to protect news content" online. The 
>conversation continued last night when Charlie Rose invited me to 
>discuss the issue with Tom Curley, AP's president and CEO. For me, 
>the key question is whether those of us working in the media (old 
>and new) embrace and adapt to the radical changes brought about by 
>the Internet or pretend that we can somehow hop into a journalistic 
>Way Back Machine and return to a past that no longer exists. 
>Watching media execs talk about building walled gardens around 
>content reminds me of watching Detroit execs ten years ago spend 
>billions lobbying the government for fuel efficiency loopholes and 
>trying to convince consumers that gas-guzzling SUVs were the cars of 
>the future. 
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