[LINK] RFI: HTTP 'GET favicon' requests from Google Toolbar

Crispin Harris crispin.harris at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 14:23:07 AEST 2009

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 7:00 AM, Roger Clarke <Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au>wrote:

> I'm puzzled by a pattern in the web-server logs for my old ANU site.
> In the latest server logs, 205/1327 (or nearly 20%) of entries are
> requests for either:
>    favicon.ico
> OR favicon.gif
> Any thoughts much appreciated!

Hmmm, further to the comments of our learned friends, the FavIcon is also
(under some circumstances that I cannot off the top of my head remember)
pulled when you look at the bookmarks to the links.

Therefore, if I had your site in my bookmarks, and then hit "Favourites", my
browser would attempt to gain the site FavIcon for your entry in order to
provide a "pretty" interface to the end-user.. <sigh - insert rant about
form over function here>.

This may account for a number of your (otherwise unrelated) hits.


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