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At 12:16 PM 13/01/2009, David Lochrin wrote:
> > But on the other hand, the loss of mind for all things technological
> > allows the rest of the mind to focus on the important things in life.
>Such as...??  I'm sure no-one would complain about technology 
>freeing them from having to wash the clothes by hand.  But the 
>original post essentially concerned technology "freeing" parents 
>from the responsibility of managing their children properly, and 
>that's a different matter entirely.  What happens when the children 
>"managed" using GPS technology instead of being taught how to look 
>after themselves and act responsibly get older?

Actually, I'm sorta ok with the latter -- let kids run around -- to a 
point. The problem is that some haven't been taught to not be little 
a$$holes. There is a high degree of over-protection of children in 
society nowadays that is unfounded. If the kids they put the GPS on 
were the gang members in waiting, at least they'll be used to them 
before they get the 'real thing', ankle bracelet trackers.

Jan, who is in a very weird train of thought on this one. Must be the 

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