[LINK] gps on kids

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Tue Jan 13 13:52:20 AEDT 2009

On 13/01/2009, at 12:16 PM, David Lochrin wrote:

> On Tuesday 13 January 2009 11:09, Ivan Trundle wrote:
>> But on the other hand, the loss of mind for all things technological
>> allows the rest of the mind to focus on the important things in life.
> Such as...??  I'm sure no-one would complain about technology  
> freeing them from having to wash the clothes by hand.  But the  
> original post essentially concerned technology "freeing" parents  
> from the responsibility of managing their children properly, and  
> that's a different matter entirely.  What happens when the children  
> "managed" using GPS technology instead of being taught how to look  
> after themselves and act responsibly get older?
>> We can't have it both ways. Nor can the general populace be all-
>> knowing and all-understanding when it comes to technology, so there
>> has to be a trade-off.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this.

We either have to accept (blindly) some technology, or try to  
understand it all. By accepting without understanding, we free  
ourselves to consider other issues that are more important to us (or  
not, depending on the brain capacity and desire). Not everyone wants  
to manage their children ('properly' or otherwise) - which is a sad  
reflection of our society (as is the desire to 'manage' rather than  
'nurture and protect'). Perhaps this is straying too far from Link?

The problem primarily stems from technological pundits developing  
'stuff' which in theory abrogates our responsibilities and yet for  
many are seen as 'saviours' (techno-worship?).

I'm no apologist for technology at all, but I see where it leads, and  
how communities become more reliant on technology than is possibly  
best for the community as a whole.


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