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heaven forbid! And folks are concerned about mobile phone using 
drivers and crashes? Wait til this thing is released into the market:

Ever left home in a hurry and forgotten to check whether you locked 
the windows or doors?

Don't worry, the Chrysler 200C can turn on the lights at home, power 
up appliances, adjust temperature settings and lock windows and doors remotely.

The concept car was just one of many at this year's Detroit motor 
show that debuted the next generation of in-car technology and handy gadgets.

The 200C created quite a stir - not because it can travel up to 64 
kilometres without emitting any carbon dioxide. That's great and all 
but so last year.

It attracted attention because it can do almost everything, except 
drive itself. Drivers can download music and talk to their friends in 
other cars via the computer dashboard (pictured).

By using a system similar to social networking websites, drivers can 
see the location of their buddies, share directions or music and even 
send instant messages.

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