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Sun providing multi processor hardware to China......

Hasn't the world changed.
In 1996, I was not allowed to take a sun Netra 5 to Teheran with me
because it was considered Weapons grade IT Equipment.
(When I got there I discovered DCI already had one for their mail
In 1997, US Customes stopped me at SFO when it turned out the that the
Dec alpha box in my accompanied luggage was a restricted export.
I argued that I was IMPORTING it to the Us and not exporting it. I tried
to explain that with the extremely limited configuration that we had
installed on the machine, the only way it could be considered a weapon
was if I dropped over the fence on the Empire state building and it fell
on a passerby's head.
Sarcasm rarely works with airport customs officials so I was moved -
sideways. After shuffling me around to different supervisors for 2
hours, I finally got to someone that understood that I was IMPORTING
resrticted cryptology capable hardware and not EXPORTING it.
He asked me a loaded (friendly) customs type question..... "So Mr. ahhh
Koltai, is the computer to be taken to your US residence so that you can
play computer games on it. ?" My stupid reply was - "Ummm, no actually
its on its way to DEC at 529 Bryant St Palo Alto so I can interogate the
J server and cache the responses."
Five hours, and $99.00 (payable to the customs clearing agent) later, me
and my Alpha were on the way to Palo Alto.


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