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Perhaps of interest, Sun claims to power the fastest growing social sites:

> Linkers, you might be interested in my argument that P2P has taken
> over from Porn as the biggest bandwidth hog.

January 13, 2009 - Hundreds of millions of people are using social 
networking sites to express identity, establish affinities and unleash 
their creativity, and five out of the five fastest growing social 
networking sites are running on Sun technology. While all social networks 
are growing, the top 5 fastest growing social networking sites are 
experiencing explosive growth ..

* LinkedIn  http://www.linkedin.com/

Nearly 34 million professionals get connected, stay connected and learn 
about business opportunities every day on LinkedIn, the most successful 
business networking site on the Web. 

* Fotolog  http://www.fotolog.com/

Fotolog is the world's leading photo blogging site and one of the world's 
largest social networking sites, making a social triangle of photo 
blogging, photo sharing and social networking. It has 16 million members 
with traffic spikes of 155 million views daily with 450+ million photos. 

* eHarmony  http://eharmony.com/

One in five US couples that married in 2006 and 2007 met online, 
according to a Harris Interactive survey of 10,000+ couples. eHarmony is 
the net's #1 trusted relationship service and the only site dedicated to 
building the relationships of both singles and married couples. 

* China Shares Videos  http://6.cn

In China, 6.cn is a successful Web 2.0 and video sharing platform 
committed to becoming the leading new media site serving mainland China 
and the global Chinese community. 6.cn has 10 million visitors, 10 
million independent IP addresses and 100 million page views every day. 
6.cn ranks number one among all Chinese video Web sites and number three 
in a global context.

* OurStage http://www.ourstage.com/

The Web 2.0 movement is helping independent musicians find an audience 
for their talent. OurStage.com is the hottest place to be for up-and-
coming independent musicians. 

* Music  http://www.last.fm/

When it comes to music, Last.fm is breaking glass. Last.fm is a free 
global music website that offers music fans millions of tracks in every 
genre for free on-demand and radio streaming. Its 25 million users 
worldwide can also share their music preferences by linking their media 
player to the Last.fm database.  As a result, Last.fm can intelligently 
recommend songs, artists, local concerts, and even introduce members to 
one another. The company is based in London and was acquired by CBS in 
May 2007. 


Cheers, Tom

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