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At 10:39 AM 5/07/2009, Tom Worthington wrote:

>The details of the e-portfolios may be different for TAFEs and
>Universities, but it should be possible to at least get agreement on
>the essentials: what was the title of the course, when did they do
>it, did they complete it, did they pass or not

We went through this in the Arizona state system in the 80s. It was 
referred to a articulation. There were six common course elements: 
title, description, credit hours, prerequisites, course number, and 
something else, but can't recall. Then in each department/curriculum 
area, an index of comparable equivalent subjects were published. So 
if someone successfully completed a subject in one uni or college, 
they were considered to have met that requirement. Transcripts of 
grades were easily available and exchanged between the institutions.


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