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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Sep 15 09:52:03 AEST 2009

Roger Clarke wrote:
> I wanted to look at QANTAS Round the World fares... demands Flash 10 ...

For a recent trip to Tasmania, I couldn't manage to book with 
Qantas/Jetstar or Virgin online. I found a third party travel web site 
was much easier: 

After problems booking accommodation in Tasmania via the web, I have 
proposed this could be fixed as part of a federally funded "Green 
Broadband Jobs" project to be based in Launceston, Tasmania: 

If that sounds fanciful, I was speaking at the federally funded 
Australian Technical College of Northern Tasmania. This is a lavishly 
equipped TAFE with high tech computer based education upstairs and 
manual workshops downstairs. It is in the cultural precinct of 
Launceston, next to the federally funded museum, the federally funded 
art gallery, federally funded arts school, federally funded university 
and so on. Launceston is a very marginal federal electorate. ;-)

ps: More on Tasmania in my blog at: 

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