[LINK] End of the filter?

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Sat Aug 7 09:33:37 AEST 2010

Jan wrote:
> No need. The story says that they won't pass it, they'll block it
> even if not elected. We already know the Greens won't pass it in the
> Senate, where they will most likely hold balance of power, so it was
> easy for the Libs to jump on it. Don't buy a pup. This is pure
> politics to get the young vote.

I make you right. Both parties will change their position on this at the 
drop of a hat.

Clearly Labor's number crunchers decided that they'd get more 
fundamentalist Christian votes from the filter than they'd lose. Equally 
clearly, the Libs' numbers went the other way and it's likely that 
Labor's numbers are now saying the same, hence the furious 
back-pedalling. Too late, I suspect. Conroy's foaming at the mouth over 
this has damaged the Labor brand beyond repair for tens, if not 
hundreds, of thousands of young (and not so young) voters.

The filter could well be the straw that's broken the Labor camel's back.

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