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Max Devlin wrote:
> On 24/08/2010, Marghanita da Cruz <marghanita at ramin.com.au> wrote:
>> Worth noting the INFORMAL in Mcewan at 3,897 (of 88,461)
> Overall it's running about 5 pc. Highest ever was 6pc and last time 3pc
> Alot of the Green vote came from voters who last time voted Democrat,
> but couldn't this time because there were no candidates. I wonder if
> these were Democrats who couldn't bring themselves to vote Green?
>> :->

We only have statistics to go on. I don't think Andrew 
Bartlett, standing as a green, is an indicator. And Andrew 
Wilkie seems to have been elected finally as an independent 
after standing as a green.

My recollection of the Democrat vote,is that it came from 
disaffected coalition voters.
> he Australian Democrats is an Australian political party espousing a social liberal ideology. It was formed in 1977, by a merger of the Australia Party and the New LM, after principals of those minor parties secured the commitment of former Liberal minister Don Chipp, as a high profile leader.[1] The party's 30-year representation in the Parliament of Australia ended on 30 June 2008, after the loss of its four remaining Senate seats; two of the senators had retired from politics and the other two were defeated at the 2007 election, in which the party polled only 1.29% of the national Senate vote.[2]

While the greens are/were disaffected Labor voters. There 
are more disaffected labor voters now. And I suggest the 
disaffected coalition voters are electing independents or 
nationals. It is worth noting, that the greens have quite a 
presence at the Local Council level. In Leichhardt (inner 
sydney split across federal seats of Grayndler and Sydney), 
  Labor/Liberal combined to keep the greens from getting the 
mayor's job but now the greens have a majority.

Noting the democrats bit the dust at the last federal 
election, I would guess the informal voters are disaffected 
lib and lab voters who had not decided on/or bring 
themselves to vote for an alternative.

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