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> Mandating fibre will severely limit coverage.

I'm not sure I see how, unless you mean mandating fibre only delivery as
opposed to a mixed basket of fibre, DSL and Wireless - which is where
the NBN will be forced to go because as DSL connections are in decline,
wireless mobile are on the increase. And some buildings just will not be
able to upgraded to deliver fibre to every apartment.  

In the alternative, we have ACMA to thank for auctioning off the useable
3.6 GHz Wireless Spectrum to the highest bidder without ensuring that it
will be utilized.

Viz:  Unwired, and Austar.

With Unwired only now starting to rollout a wimax solution in W.A.

Our lack of useable spectrum for useable broadband has resulted in the
need for LTE.

Which of course with towers at 100 metre intervals threaten to rival the
mess that 2.4 GHz home routers have managed to deliver requiring anyone
with some clue to re-run the previously discarded blue cables
through-out the house.

Had Governments not decided to sell off the spectrum to file cabinet
licence hoarders, we would not be having this discussion today.

Anyone who has used WAP on D2 in Germany will understand the meaning of
the foregoing.

Planned, executed and flawlessly operational. When did they have 64 kb
wireless internet (WAP) in Germany ? 1998.

Although Richards commentary about towers is valid, the D2 towers are
ubiquitous, every few kilometres and look like miniature 35 metre high
AMP tower edifices.

In fact, they are almost the most common architectural feature of the
German countryside, sort of like palings in a white picket fence.

But yes, it works, most of the time, weather and sunspots permitting.

Does anyone in Germany get by without a DSL/FTTH connection [in their
home/office] as well as a useable 128 kb WAP mobile connection ? Not any
of the folks that I know, although many of them are slightly geeky...
Wireless regrettably will not work adequately without sufficient

Microwave backhaul spectrum is now at close to saturation point in the
CBD requiring fibre - The concensus in this thread is that if you need
to run fibre to all the towers then you should just run it to every
house or at the least street.


I like the 70-90 Ghz from the leaky HFC [cable] style kerb Node model
outside every house. Much cheaper.
That last 10 metres is the big fiscal killer...

Taking a page from the AT&T personal Cell book, each home could have its
very own 70-90 Ghz Cell tower that re broadcasts 100 Gb wifi that it
obtains from the kerbside transmitter.

With ad-hoc routing algorythms LTE would no longer be needed as
travellers could then utilize the nodes in front of each house as their
personal wifi feed, providing of course that their mobile can
authenticate rapidly enough.

Of course, this is all assuming that wireless technologies are in fact
medically safe. Industry funded research would appear to suggest that
there is no identifiable harmful tumour activity from cellphone
utilisation, the rats unfortunately would disagree.

T. Jorge-Mora, M. Alvarez Folgueiras, J. Leiro, F. J. Jorge-Barreiro, F.
J. Ares-Pena, and E. Lopez-Martin, "Exposure to 2.45 ghz microwave
radiation provokes cerebral changes in induction of hsp-90 α/β heat
shock protein in rat.," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 100,
351-379, 2010.

Available from: http://ceta.mit.edu/pier/pier100/23.09102804.pdf

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