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Roger Clarke wrote:
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I agree with the Morgan Stanley's "The Mobile Internet Report" (December
2009) that mobile Internet will happen more rapidly than previous
Internet technology and have a more effect on companies involved:

MS are correct that mobile Internet will be fuelled by 3G adoption, 
social networking, video, VoIP and improved mobile devices. But they 
fail to mention mobile web standards as a leading part of the process. 
MS also argue that developing nations will provide a model, which is 
hardly news for anyone who has visited India in the last few years.

I disagree with the assertion that the success of charging for mobile
Internet in Japan provides a model for the rest of the world. Telstra
lost millions of dollars in its failed implementation of the Japanese
iMode mobile web system in Australia:

> ... We decided to create The Mobile Internet Report largely in PowerPoint
> "The Mobile Internet Report Key Themes" - a 659-slide presentation ...

Unfortunately MS undermine the credibility of their own report by
providing it in a mobile unfriendly format: as hundreds of slides in
very large PDF documents. In somewhat of an understatement they warn:
"Note that the report is 50MB and may take some time to download.". The
web page about the report scored only 3 out of 100 with the W3C mobileOK
Checker. It seems that MS do not believe their own report about mobile
Internet being important.

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