[LINK] Telstra fined $18.5m for blocking broadband

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Wed Jul 28 18:45:09 AEST 2010


> The judge said Telstra had shown no remorse during the proceedings.  
> (File AAP)
> Telstra has been fined $18.5 million for illegally blocking  
> broadband competitors from using its local exchanges.
> The corporate watchdog had pushed for a $40 million fine for the  
> breaches, which occurred between January 2006 and February 2008, but  
> Justice John Middleton believed the telco's conduct was not  
> deliberately anti-competitive.
> The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had taken Telstra  
> to the Federal Court of Australia for refusing competitors access 27  
> times to installing ADSL equipment at seven exchanges around  
> Australia.
> Justice Middleton said Telstra's relevant managers and employees who  
> denied the access were either not properly trained in regard to  
> access obligations or failed to comply with their training.
> He said Telstra had no adequate system in place to check on  
> compliance.
> "In most cases Telstra staff did not understand their  
> responsibilities or roles within Telstra," Justice Middleton said.
> He also said Telstra had shown no remorse during the proceedings.
> "I am not satisfied, however, that Telstra has demonstrated any  
> remorse, nor that it appreciates the seriousness of its conduct," he  
> said.

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