[LINK] 2.4Ghz is full - time to move on.

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Firstly, I have a billion wireless router, one of the 7404 models an  
"n" version, and I found the wireless was crap.  It can't make it to  
the next room - constantly dropping out.  I have an old linksys wrt54g  
that is far better, covers the whole house and is rock solid.  I  
turned the wireless in the billion off and use the linksys.

Look at the channels.  There are 11 to 13 channels in b/g in Australia  
but only three are sufficiently far from each other to not interfere.   
That is 1, 6 and 11 (or 2,7,12; 3,8,13 etc).  You may need to get a  
scanner or scanner software and map the channels and strength and  
choose ones that are 5 channels away from the bad ones.  Unfortunately  
some APs channel hop these days.  Also with an AP you might find  
putting it in a particular spot is better.  ie near the ceiling.

It might be worth talking to someone who is a radio expert and getting  
them to have a look.  Many other devices can interfere with wifi in a  
much worse way.  Wifi APs are reasonably cooperative with each other.

You might try 802.11a or 802.11n which both work in 5GHz band, so not  
so many people use it.

Anti-wifi paint or metal mesh screens in the right places.

Antennae.  You might try antennae that are directional on your AP.

I had friends who had a problem with wifi as their house had massive  
stone walls.  They got an ethernet over power adapter and set up  
another AP.  Of course people may be using them in your building  

On 2010/May/21, at 6:51 AM, Jamie Sunderland wrote:

> Hi linkers,
> I live in a small apartment in inner city Sydney. A few years ago I  
> used
> to use a 2.4Ghz TV sender to send audio+video from my lounge to the
> bedroom - but soon found the growing interference a problem and had to
> abandon that method for fixed wires.  As the number of nearby access
> points grew I moved my home server to a wired connection because the
> wireless was becoming unreliable. With increasing numbers of people
> getting home broadband with wireless routers, the problem is getting
> worse.
> Now I'm sitting on the couch, no more than 3m from the wireless router
> and am having the connection drop out and re-associate every minute or
> two.  A quick look at my wireless adapter shows (currently) 28  
> networks,
> all with 2/5 bars of signal strength or more.  (and no doubt I would
> actually see many more if I used a wifi scanner program).
> My router is a slightly older b/g model (Billion7404VGP). I've tried
> tweaking every setting on both the router and laptop - changing both  
> to
> "G only" mode and trying "interface robustness" and other things to no
> avail.... so I guess the next step is to upgrade to a 5Ghz A+N
> router..... but something tells me that even that will only be a
> temporary fix!
> Once 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are full to the point of cross interference  
> making
> them useless, where to next? Back to wires? Or ultra-high frequency
> ultra short-range wireless?
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