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"Better Broadband for Business – 10 MPS on TBB Ethernet"

by Brian Harcourt (Telstra Business Executive Director)

 http://exchange.telstra.com.au/?p=3426 (snip)

Telstra has launched a major upgrade of its networks allowing us to offer 
nationally a new improved business broadband service called 'TBB 
Ethernet' replacing our current ‘Business DSL’ service.

The new service will .. boost upload and download speeds, up to 10 
megabits per second (subject to service qualification).

TBB Ethernet is important for our customers as many currently use 
Business DSL and the maximum speed they can get is 4 megabits per second 
or less, depending on their distance from the Telstra exchange.

As demand for bandwidth constantly increases, some are starting to find 
Business DSL is not really meeting their day-to-day needs. To deal with 
this problem up until now, businesses have had to look at getting a more 
expensive fibre connection to their premises – which for small and medium-
size businesses is too expensive.

While faster speeds always grab headlines, there’s much more to TBB 
Ethernet in terms of how it will help businesses to cut costs and become 
more productive.

TBB Ethernet makes it possible to support quality IP telephony and 
applications like video-conferencing, offering big savings in telephone 
call costs and the travel budget.

Unlike consumer ADSL, which offers faster download speeds and slower 
upload speeds, TBB Ethernet is ‘symmetric’, offering the same speeds in 
both directions. This helps reduce waiting times for businesses that are 
often uploading big documents.

Many of Australia’s SMEs are geographically dispersed, with branches in 
different regions and states. TBB Ethernet means they can reliably run IT 
applications from a head office, rather than have to deploy equipment and 
send an IT person out to branch offices. It also means the whole business 
can have a proper daily computer back-up service off the premises and use 
the one version of software applications, which streamlines 
administration.. (snip)

We welcome your suggestions and we’ll have more exciting announcements in 
coming months.



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