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"That’s a change: Telstra’s new customer service initiatives"

By David Thodey (Telstra Chief Executive Officer)


Today I’m announcing new initiatives to improve the way we serve you, our 

As you know, one of our key priorities is to improve customer service and 
satisfaction. Over the past year we’ve had formal feedback programs and 
listened to more than 700,000 Australians – both customers of Telstra and 
of our competitors – who have told us how they’d like service to improve.

Our effort to really listen and respond to feedback is just one of the 
ways that change is afoot at Telstra.

•Because you have busy lives, we’ll offer appointments on weekends. 

Customers in metro areas and some regional centres will be able to pre-
book Telstra technicians to visit their homes on weekends to connect or 
repair fixed line or BigPond cable services. And, we’re looking to expand 
this service into other products in the future.

•We’re making it easier for customers who call us by simplifying the 
steps they need to take to speak to the right consultant.

•We’re making it easier for customers to tell us what’s wrong. If our 
consumer or small business customers have trouble getting a problem 
fixed, they can call us and say ‘complaint’, and then be connected to 
specially trained staff who will help put it right.

•Because your time is valuable, we’ll trial a service that gives 
customers the option of having us call them back if queues prevent us 
speaking to them fast.

What we have been doing to improve customer service 

Already we have -

•invested millions of dollars more into training customer-facing staff

•put more front-line people into complaints handling and established a 
program to systematically fix the root causes of problems

•established a dedicated team to manage all service changes from start to 
finish when consumers move house

And we have improved the value of Telstra products with new bundles that 
give discounts to consumers, new fixed and wireless broadband pricing 
with increased data allowances and no excess usage on most plans, and 
better value small business pricing and data allowances.

We also dropped the $2.20 administration fee for bill payments made over-
the-counter or by mail.

What else can we do? 

We know there is plenty more for us to do and we are going to keep 
listening to your feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts and keep posting your suggestions below.




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