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>On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 10:49 AM, Roger wrote:
>>  If anyone has any leads on [ANPR] being also for passenger vehicles,
>>  please let me know.

At 11:42 +1100 1/2/11, Alex (Maxious) Sadleir wrote:
>Right here in the ACT to enforce all sorts of laws:

The APF has been on the case for some time.

APF wrote to the ACT Transport Minister (Stanhope) in Oct 2010:

APF received this reply from Stanhope in Nov 2010:

That included:

"Immediate processing of the alert is proposed, similar to the 
'Blacklist-in-Camera' approach described in the Australian Privacy 
Foundation's Policy Statement.  [See 
http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/ANPR-0803.html ]
"I can also understand your concerns about the use of point to point 
cameras for 'mass surveillance' purposes.  This is not the 
Government's intention ...".

There are certainly some remaining concerns, in particular:
-   whether the commitment to a PIA will be carried through
-   whether the PIA will include effective consultation
-   whether the enabling legislation will entrench no-retention of data
     and preclude retention for mass surveillance purposes
-   whether the AFP (which the ACT is prettymuch forced to use as though
     it were a local police force) will do an end-run around the legislation,
     with or without the connivance of the ACT Government

But, at this stage, the proposal is *not* for mass surveillance.

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