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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Wed Feb 2 14:05:03 AEDT 2011

On 2011/Feb/01, at 10:22 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:

>>> At 22:43 +1100 31/1/11, Paul Brooks wrote:
>>>> There  is no natural protection when driving around - the
>>>> authorities can track your
>>>> whereabouts from your number-plates. Unless you change your device,
>>>> you can be tracked
>>>> and correlated over time.
>> On 2011/Feb/01, at 8:14 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:
>>> There is no mass surveillance mechanism in place for number-plates in
>>> Australia.
> At 9:56 +1100 1/2/11, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> I believe there is:
>> http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/heavyvehicles/safety/speeding/safetcam/index.html
>> The Safe-T-Cam system is an automated monitoring system that uses 
>> digital camera technology to read heavy vehicles' number plates to 
>> enable the RTA to monitor heavy vehicle movements.
>> It can read number plates automatically and it can automatically 
>> tell the difference between cars and trucks.  It was set up in 1995. 
>> It is now in South Australia as well.
> I'm guilty of imprecision.  (What, again?!).
> The NSW and SA systems are limited to trucks.  Paul was talking about 
> "your number-plates", and I intended the scope of my statement to be 
> passenger vehicles, but didn't say so.

Limited in what sense?

Technically the NSW systems read and OCR number plates.  The fact that they are only "interested" in trucks does not change the technical details or the "potential" for total traffic surveillance.  It was never clear from the press releases, for instance, whether the system decided if the vehicle was a truck by some complicated AI about the size and shape of the vehicle - I can't imagine how but maybe it's possible - or if it just asks the registration database, which seems much simpler and more reliable.  Then every vehicle that passes those gantries has a database request ....  Certainly there must be vehicles that are borderline.  Do they all get looked up?  To me the potential for misuse seems large and deliberately .  

> Some info and refs on the NSW and SA schemes are in the reference I cited, at:
> http://www.rogerclarke.com/DV/ANPR-Surv.html#ACIA

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