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"CAIRO (AP) - The young Google Inc. executive detained for 12 days 
for protesting against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Monday 
he was behind the Facebook page that helped spark what he called "the 
revolution of the youth of the Internet." A U.S.-based human rights 
group said nearly 300 people have died in two weeks of clashes.

Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager for the Internet company, sobbed 
throughout an emotional television interview just hours after he was 
freed. He insisted he had not been tortured and said his 
interrogators treated him with respect.

"This is the revolution of the youth of the Internet and now the 
revolution of all Egyptians," he said, adding that he was taken aback 
when the security forces holding him branded him a traitor.

"Anyone with good intentions is the traitor because being evil is the 
norm," he said. "If I was a traitor, I would have stayed in my villa 
in the Emirates and made good money and said like others, let this 
country go to hell. But we are not traitors," added Ghonim, an 
Egyptian who oversees Google's marketing in the Middle East and 
Africa from Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates."
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