[LINK] RFI: Joint Select Ctee on Cybersafety

rene rene.ln at libertus.net
Thu Mar 10 21:18:24 AEDT 2011

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 16:54:53 +1100, Roger Clarke wrote:
> I'd appreciate any leads on:
> -   the current state of play in the Committee and its deliberations 
> -   pressure-points worth considering 
> -   clear and short expositions of filtering issues

Apparently the Committee's already been told plenty about filtering. Here's 
a media release, or something like that, issued by the Deputy Chair of the 
Committee, Alex Hawke MP:

"Labor's renewed commitment to mandatory internet filter 'bloody minded' 

Further evidence from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content 
providers at the Cyber Safety Committee roundtable in Melbourne today ought 
to spell the end of Labor’s deeply flawed proposal for mandatory internet 
filtering, said the Member for Mitchell, and Deputy Chair of the Joint 
Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, Alex Hawke MP. 

“In spite of serious opposition and ongoing concern expressed by virtually 
every sector, Senator Conroy and the Gillard Government appear bloody 
minded in their pursuit of mandatory internet filtering,” Mr Hawke said. 

“Evidence from parent groups, ISP providers, teacher unions, internet peak 
bodies, such as the Safer Internet Group and the Internet Industry 
Association, has reinforced the need for better education of parents, 
teachers, and children and the need for greater resources for law 
enforcement such as the AFP. 

“All of the evidence from key affected groups before the Committee has been 
that a filter is too simplistic, will not achieve the objectives the 
Government is seeking, and will do nothing to prevent illegal and 
inappropriate online behaviour. 

“Senator Conroy should examine the evidence that the committee has heard, 
in particular that the best way to protect internet users online is to 
train children and adults to learn to use the filter between their ears.”

... [continues]..."




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