[LINK] Death of Moore's Law Will Cause Economic Crisis

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People have been prophesying the end of Moore's Law for some time.  The main issue has been not a particular technology but the ultimate scaling issues - reaching one atom wide pathways, transistors.  It's likely that we will find ways around it, be it perhaps 3D chips, photonics, something biological, or even just multiple chips - parallel processing...

Michio Kaku should know that what looks impossible now may not look so in the future.  He wrote a book about things we can do now or will shortly be able to do that everyone thought would be completely impossible a few decades ago.

On 2011/Mar/23, at 5:58 AM, fernando cassia wrote:

> Gordon Moore's famous law about the doubling of transistor density and 
> power every two years will not only end it could bring economic disaster 
> in its wake, respected scientist Michio Kaku has predicted in a new 
> book. [ Link http://ho.io/n3nt ]
> Kaku sets out the crunch moment as being the point at which ultraviolet 
> light can no longer tuned to etch ever smaller circuits on to silicon 
> wafers, which on current trends will kick in less than a decade from 
> now. From that moment on, Moore's Law will gradually diminish, and the 
> effects will not only be technological but economic.
> http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/222704/death_of_moores_law_will_cause_economic_crisis.html#tk.nl_dnx_t_crawl
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