[LINK] Not the most sincere mea culpa

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Mon Oct 24 21:50:30 AEDT 2011


"El Reg in SHOCK email address BLUNDER
Turning ourselves in to the ICO right now

Posted in Site News, 24th October 2011 10:07 GMT

Between 8:58 and 10:20 this morning we sent an email to 3,521 of you that contained the names and email addresses of 46,524 of our readers.

Obviously, this was an error. The two-stage send process that is the norm for all of our mailers was over-looked because someone was in a hurry.

We would like to offer our genuine and humble apologies for the error.

If you would like to vent at that someone, their email address is here: data at theregister.co.uk.

We are in the process of blowing the whistle on ourselves to the ICO over the matter."

So they would 'LIKE' to offer genuine and humble apologies? Why don't they, then?

And the use of the usual El Reg humour hardly warms us to the fact...


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