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> I was just making a statistical observation, Tom ... of a 
> trend that seems established in all your debates ...
> Everyone who supports global warming ... vast global 
> conspiracy ... all marching to the tune of some over-riding 
> conspiracy drum ... all 'agin me ... communist conspiracist 
> assholes ... 


Err, I don't believe I said conspiracy. 
I also don't believe I called anyone a communist conspiracist asshole. I
believe that was your term Frank.
In Fact I attended school and learnt about a co-operative economy in a
socialist country.
A country that believes in socialism and has consequently repeatedly
voted democratically for it's socialist leaders.

What I did learn about in that school of hotbed communism is that
when-ever the there wasn't enough grain, or the weather was
unfavourable, that it was the always the fault of the West. 
Those Western capitalists that stole all the good rain, created all the
acid rain. It was never the valiant efforts of the glorious Hungarian
workers that were at fault. 
(Yet the Acid rain disappeared with the advent of catalytic converters
and night time freight deliveries. Yes, another Western abomination...).

Therefore Frank, I am in the position of having seen both sides of the
paid for written word and as a result, have turned into a doubting

In other words, if someone tells me it's raining, I want to see the
If someone tells me that there are only seven undersea CO2 vents then I
want that person to review all the undersea documentaries over the last
forty years and then repeat the statement.
If I'm told that the planet is warming  due to mankind, then I want to
see the exclusionary evidence of why the data in relation to other
planets in our solar system are also warming does not apply to earth.

There is no conspiracy Frank... Just many people using lots of plebeian
obfuscating terminology which, upon close inspection fail the due
diligence of anyone with an advanced education that genuinely reads the
material and all of it's references.

In other words, by removing anecdotal, "professional opinions" and
censorship attempts, there would, to any genuine scholar, appear to be
no case to answer, as it relates to Global Warming.

Frank, if you believe and have evidence that all of the foregoing
constitutes a conspiracy, then I am sure that for the benefit of
mankind, your conscience, as a former Journo, would dictate the
necessity of penning a few thousand words on the topic... 

I personally don't believe that there is a conspiracy. Just that some
people found a gravy train and convinced others of the value of getting
onboard. Such gravy trains have existed in our civilisation since the
money changes were turfed from the temple. As I said the other day,
thirty pieces of silver are an extremely powerful cogitation decider.
Unfortunately, just like the "Corporate Consultants" of the nineties
didn't see the economic dangers of selling their knowledge to Asian
countries in return for a lousy 30 pieces of... Today's scientific
community is unable to see the dangers of continuing the attack against
humanity at all economical levels on the now disproven excuse of Global

I believe firmly that we should learn from that example and turf the
money changers from the temple.

Unfortunately, technology has reduced mankind into "Television
Newsbytes, sound bytes and Headline" learning consumers. 
"The money changer said..." Therefore it must be so. Very few are not
beholden to the money changer. Even fewer are prepared to incur the
money changers wrath by pointing out the inequity of his practices.

Interestingly, it is this usury topic that is the greatest division
between the major religions of the world.
The Christian church frowned on it till the 13th century. Today's
Moslems still frown on it.

Some references that might help you, should decide to write about "the
conspiracy" that you appear to have identified, would be:


And the same mindset over a longer period of time,



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