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> On 02/07/12 10:53, Richard Archer wrote:
> > ... Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide
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> > Which states ...  "emissions of CO2 by human activities are 
> currently 
> > more than 130 times greater than the quantity emitted by volcanoes, 
> > amounting to about 27 billion tonnes per year". ...
> I checked the source cited in the Wikipedia, the U.S. 
> Geological Survey. 
> That seems credible, but it said 135 times, not 130, so I 
> have amended 
> the Wikipedia entry accordingly. I am not sure where the "27 billion 
> tonnes per year" came from, and it did not seem necessary, so 
> I deleted it.

In his last years on planet earth, my father made a series of Audio
tapes. Their content is a fascinating first hand account of his life in
Hungary, the Ukraine and New Zealand from 1927 until 2007. 

I paraphrase his words on the period of Hungarian History from

We didn't swallow the Nazi propaganda immediately but it didn't arrive
in bulk.
The invasion sneaked under our consciousness like a tiny wisp of smoke
from a single cigarette is lost in a field of sunflowers.
The weekly and daily changes were small. Please don't use that word in
advertising. Those type of people should only live in these areas.
Signs started to appear, that grade of food is reserved for true
Hungarians. This Bus is not available for Gypsies or foreigners.
Children in my school, just didn't come anymore. Few of us at that young
age connected our parents gossip with people disappearing. 
In churches and synagogues the Priests and Rabbis were advising us to
accept the new status quo and assist the transition.
Our lessons changed. The teachers asked us to draw lines through words
in our text books and to write new words in the margin. Some days our
lessons were more about changing the text books than reading what was in
them. I was twelve but I knew that the new words were somehow not
Quote: Paul Koltai Lanczy, Audiotape dated Sep 2004 "BalaKlava - 1946".


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