[LINK] OT: Free or low cost mailing list providers / alternatives

Anthony Hornby anthony.w.hornby at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:42:37 AEST 2012

A library user group we participate in has lost its mailing list host.
My institution may be able to fill the gap (we use mailman) - but
before taking the plunge I thought I'd ask on this list if there are
good free or low cost solutions hosted in the cloud you have had
experience with. Recommendations for email list alternatives also

1. Disparate user group - need to be able to register users from many
2. Self registration with moderation preferred.
3. Good moderator / management tools
4. Email interaction needs to be seamless and intuitive - most users
familiar with email
5. IT literacy of the group variable - users from very wide range of
backgrounds and in very different roles at their organisations.
6. Simple and easy to manage.
7. Needs to keep content private.
8. Searchable archives a bonus.

Thanks a lot !

Kind Regards,

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