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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Nov 27 11:56:39 AEDT 2012

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> There are different types of creativity input: text, 
> 'finger-painting' art/drawing (at a range of detail), calculator 
> numbers, musical devices as Rachel and others pointed out, voice, 
> photography -- have I missed any? Different devices do different 
> things more easily than others. I'm not sure the perfect all-purpose 
> device has been developed yet. But we are getting close. Is this 
> really what was meant by 'convergence'?

Probably more emergence than convergence, and perhaps creativity could
replace communication as the "C" in ICT.

Location and Time Metadata could be included in your list of "creativity
input" offered by "personal mobile devices".

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